Power of the Sun Collaboration

February 27th, 2015 by Morgan Marketing

Morgan Corporation, known for innovative truck body designs for over 60 years, is once again finding new ways to make the Best Body in the Business even BETTER!

According to Morgan’s Director of New Business Development, Paul Jarossy – “sometimes advancements involve new or better design or materials; and sometimes it means solving problems with innovative solutions that have not been properly applied in the past”

Morgan’s latest effort was an off-shoot of their interest in maximizing the fuel efficiency of their vehicles. “While we’ve made great strides in reducing vehicle weight to reduce fuel consumption,” says Jarossy, “we recognized that fuel is often needed to run accessories such as generators and compressors. So we began to consider ways in which we could eliminate that dependency by finding an alternate source of energy. The technology is ‘out there’, we just needed to identify the right partner, then adapt and apply it to meet the needs of our customers.”

In 2014, Morgan began discussions with solar panel manufacturer eNow Energy to explore the possibility of using solar panels to power multiple truck body utilities, instead of relying completely on engine-driven or traditionally powered battery-operated systems. Initial tests using the system to consistently power truck lift-gates were successful and efforts were expanded to include the use of solar energy to operate other components as well.

Additional designs to make the systems more efficient, effective and affordable were completed and Morgan drew up specs to allow for the optional mounting of solar panels across the rooftops of their entire line of truck bodies.

According to Jarossy, “energy can be immediately converted and used to power components”. Un-used energy is stored in batteries for use when direct sunlight isn’t available – at night, in inclement weather or when the vehicle is parked indoors.”

Jarossy explained that the panels are able to charge whenever sunlight is available, regardless of whether the vehicle is running or parked in a lot. The power-storage system is also substantial enough to power the electrical components of the average unit. If re-generation isn’t possible, the system automatically falls into fail-safe mode — which is essentially the same alternator-charged battery system the industry has always relied on.

“The benefit of eNow is that we’re able to use a free source of energy to operate components. That reduces fuel consumption, reduces cost and reduces greenhouse gases – without reducing the system dependability we rely on to do business. The savings also help to offset the cost of the system, and that speeds return on investment.” Says Jarossy, “Every day that the sun is shining is a good day!”

Morgan’s eNow solar panels are available for mounting on Morgan’s full range of truck bodies, and at all Authorized Morgan service centers across the U.S.

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