Morgan Dry Freight Curtainsider

Protects like a Dry Freight, Loads Like a Flatbed

First mile to last mile, Morgan's Curtainsider provides security and protection like a standard dry freight but loads like a platform/flatbed, ensuring easy rear and side access to cargo and maximizing efficiency and versatility The Curtainsider significantly cuts load/unload intervals, lessens the time you may have to wait for dock or loading areas to open up, offers unobstructed rear and side loading, and eliminates the need for tarping your load just like the curtain side trailers.

Morgan offers a variety of load management options from rear forklift mounts to a variety of load tie-downs and binders, as well as a wide range of features such as underbody toolboxes.

Morgan's standard Curtainsider body includes a white, 28-ounce PVC-coated polyester curtain with a high-gloss, lacquered finish…But at Morgan, one style does NOT fit all! You can also choose from a variety of colors or custom graphics…or even a combination of curtain and solid wall systems. And in every case, you'll enjoy the quality construction and conscientiously-designed components you EXPECT from Morgan.



Morgan Dry Freight Curtainsider front wall outside
Morgan Dry Freight Curtainsider front wall inside

Morgan's Curtainsider features a 5/8" fiberglass reinforced plywood (FRP) front panel with a 10-gauge steel front frame for added strength. Built-in light protectors to help ensure uninterrupted visibility – and improved safety on the road.

Morgan Dry Freight Curtainsider operation animation

The Curtainsider's 28-ounce PVC-coated polyester curtain is resistant to water, dirt and mildew, and features an attractive high-gloss lacquered finish. The extruded aluminum toprail is also corrosion-resistant…And removable center supports (if specified), quick closures at the rear, and ratcheting tensioners at the front support easier, more efficient access to cargo.

Morgan Dry Freight Curtainsider interior view of bulkhead

The Curtainsider offers a standard .032" aluminum roof with 1" roof bows on 24-inch centers to naturally shed water. An optional translucent roof is also available to allow the use of ambient light for improved visibility in the cargo area.

Morgan Dry Freight Curtainsider flooring

Standard 1 1/8" hardwood flooring provides strength, impact resistance and easy cleaning. Optional 1 3/16" and 1 3/8" hardwood is also available for enhanced strength to meet your unique needs.

Morgan Dry Freight Curtainsider interior lighting
Morgan Dry Freight Curtainsider exterior lighting

Bright LED FMVSS compliant lighting and dome light with indicator switch mounted in cab dash, provide enhanced visibility AND efficiency.

Morgan Dry Freight Curtainsider rear door
Morgan Dry Freight Curtainsider rear frame

The Curtainsider features a 10-gauge steel rear frame for added strength. Options include either an overhead roll-up or swing door to meet your needs.

Morgan Dry Freight Curtainsider standard DOT underride bumper

The Curtainsider's standard DOT underride bumper meets mandated requirements AND your expectations for quality and performance.

Morgan Dry Freight Curtainsider understructure

Our stronger, lighter-weight, corrosion resistant sub frame with 3" I-beam crossmembers on 12" or 16" centers (depending on body length) with 4" longrails sets the standard for dry freight truck body stability and durability.

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Dry Freight: Curtainsider

Curtainsider delivers full-access side and rear loading, and a clean and secure environment for your payload! Click below for help in choosing the right configuration for your business.

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