Morgan-Dry-Freight-CityMax final mile
Morgan-Dry-Freight-CityMax driving along the coast
Morgan-Dry-Freight-CityMax home delivery

In an era of E-Commerce and Final Mile deliveries, you need a parcel van that is durable and efficient enough to meet your needs. Our cutaway Aluminum, FRP, and Morganplate parcel vans are just what you need to get the job done! With a front cab access door that limits exposure to the elements (and traffic) and various lighting, scuff, and cargo control options, you'll be prepared for anything and everything!



Morgan-Dry-Freight-CityMax rear bumper

CityMax features a full-width, pooched-surface bumper, with strategically positioned grab handles for easier, and safer movement in and out of the cargo area.

Morgan-Dry-Freight-CityMax pass-thru door to enter front cab
Morgan-Dry-Freight-CityMax front bulkhead without pass-through door

CityMax offers your choice of a solid front bulkhead, OR optional pass-through door for quick and easy access from the cab.

Dry Freight CityMax roof

.032 aluminum roof skin with roof bows on 24" centers

Dry Freight CityMax floor

1 1/8" laminated hardwood floor

Morgan-Dry-Freight-CityMax rear door

Galvannealed steel, painted Imron white, includes built-in header design, clearance light protector and rain deflector, curbside and roadside grab handles, and DOT underride.

Morgan-Dry-Freight-CityMax front frame of truck body

Aerodynamic aluminum front-end design, and optional stainless steel radii, provides both corrosion-resistance AND improved fuel-efficiency. Added strength is delivered with Morgan's Patented Poly-Tuff corner caps and options for 3/8" Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood (FRP) or Morganplate wall construction.

Wall Construction

Aluminum, Morganplate or Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood wall construction ensures solid choices when it comes to the functional qualities you prefer – AND the image you want your Dry Freight, box, straight-truck or van to present! It's easy to see how Morgan earned its reputation for innovative design, quality construction and superior customer service! There's NoBODY Like Morgan!

Morgan Dry Freight CityMax aluminum sidewall

Aluminum Wall Construction

Aluminum wall construction is both corrosion-resistant and supports the longevity of your body. Walls consist of .040" pre-painted white skins riveted to 1 3/8" (deep) galvanized steel Z-shaped vertical posts installed on 16-inch centers for added strength. CityMax offers an option for Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood (FRP) construction on the front wall to suit your unique needs or preferences.

Morgan Dry Freight CityMax Morganplate sidewall

Morganplate Wall Construction

Morganplate side and front wall construction makes your body resistant to moisture and damage caused by everyday use.

Morgan Dry Freight CityMax FRP sidewall

FRP Wall Construction

Morgan's Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood (FRP) front and sidewall construction, uses sturdy 3/8" plywood for enhanced durability, and a polyester resin reinforced surface with high strength woven fiberglass, for greater resistance to scratches and dents.

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Parcel Van Walk-Through Cab to Back Open

Parcel Van Walk-Through


Easy Access + Increased Efficiency

Morgan’s PVW full-height bulkhead, and sliding cab-access door, provide easy movement in and out of the cargo area. The aerodynamic roof fairing design also reduces drag for better fuel efficiency. Ease and efficiency add up to a better bottom-line!

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Protect your drivers, equipment and cargo with Situational Awareness Packages offered by Morgan Truck Body.

Enhanced Technology

Situational Awareness Packages

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Situational Awareness Packages provide ENHANCED VISIBILITY inside and outside of the vehicle. All at the driver's fingertips.

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Dry Freight: CityMax

Your CityMax body can be as unique as the cities you serve! Learn more about the features and options available to make your job easier and more profitable.

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