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Lawnmowing company unloading lawnmower using Dry Freight Proscape-Van ramp door Proscape-Van Proscape-Van: Unfold, Mow, Stow, and Go
Dry Freight Gold Star delivering a package to a business Gold Star visit: the original box truck
Refrigerated Cold Star delivering product to a restaurant Cold Star learn more: fresh to frozen delivery
Morgan Truck Body ProStake stake platform body at tree farm ProStake explore: BEST tool for your trade

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North to South and Coast-to-Coast, those who depend on their trucks to move their business, choose the best bodies in the business – Morgan! For over 65 years, Morgan bodies have been #1 because every body is designed and built to satisfy your unique product and service-delivery needs! From Dry Freight, Refrigerated, and Platform/Dump – to custom bodies built to even the most stringent specifications – Morgan sets the standards that others follow! So when it comes to choosing one of the most important tools of your trade, it makes good business sense to choose the body OTHER industry-leaders depend on – Morgan!

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