Morgan Dump Body on Chevy chassis at gravel yard
Morgan Dump Body on Ford chassis at gravel yard
Morgan Dump Body on Ford chassis at work site

Products as shown may include optional equipment that is not part of the standard Morgan truck body configuration. Some product images may differ from current configurations and may not be available as depicted at the time of your order. Only available from Denver, PA facility (MPD).

Morgan's Contractor Dump Body

Morgan knows that landscapers, maintenance, and public utility crews have neither time nor patience to work around the limits of a truck. That's why our Contractor Dump Body is engineered and built to deliver superior strength, durability, versatility, AND dependability – every day. Morgan's Contractor Dump Body - nothing less than everything you expect!


Morgan Platform/Dump Dump Body hoist raising bed

With the push of a button, Morgan’s powerful hydraulic lift makes it easy to deliver material, or unload debris.

Morgan Dump Body steel flooring

From base gravel to boulders, Morgan’s heavy-duty, 10-gauge steel flooring is built to handle the load.

Morgan Dump Body over-cab extension

Morgan’s over-cab extension provides added cab-protection, extra storage, and the perfect (out-of-the-way) mount for our built-in roll-out tarp.

Morgan Dump Body understructure

Morgan’s dump body understructure is engineered and built to withstand the daily assaults of work and weather.

Morgan Dump Body bumper

Morgan’s dump body bumper accommodates pintel or ball-hitch attachments for greater flexibility and includes a covered quick-connect lighting port for easier, more reliable hook-up.

Morgan Dump Body tailgate

Morgan’s dump body tailgate is configured to drop down for easy access to the bed - or swing for easy-unloading.

Morgan Dump Body toolbox

A locking, underbody tool box provides secure and convenient storage of small tools outside of the cab and bed area.

Morgan Dump Body rear LED lighting
Morgan Dump Body front LED lighting

Bright long-lasting LED lighting supports greater visibility and safety, especially during low-light conditions. Morgan’s LED lighting components use molded harnesses and sealed plug-together connections to help protect against the elements and prevent failures caused by water and dirt infiltration.

Morgan Dump Body tarp

A built-in, roll-out tarp makes it easy to cover (and uncover) your load and remain DOT compliant.

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