Person delivering fresh produce to business using a Refrigerated Cold Star with sidedoor access
A fleet of Refrigerated Cold Star truck bodies at a loading dock
A person unloading beer kegs from a Refrigerated Cold Star truck body using a liftgate

The "box" that keeps your deliveries fresh

Morgan Truck Body's Cold Star Refrigerated truck bodies lead the industry in design and engineering. From our Fastrak program to custom bodies that offer a wide range of options to satisfy your unique needs, Morgan's refrigerated bodies are designed to help you deliver fresh to frozen products - around the block or across the country! Home delivery, catering, floral, beverage, dairy, produce, meat, seafood, ice cream, and everything in between – the list is long and the choice is clear - NoBODY delivers like Morgan!



Refrigerated Cold Star front frame

Aerodynamic front-end design, and a heavy-duty plastic dormer move air and water away from your body; while folding steps and strategically positioned grab handle provide easy service-access to the refrigeration unit. Patented poly-tuff corners offer enhanced durability in areas that are often vulnerable to dents and dings that can allow air and water to infiltrate the cargo area.

Refrigerated Cold Star sub-frame

Lightweight, strength, and resistance-to-the-elements come together on Morgan's Cold Star sub-frame to provide superior protection. The steel center rail with 3" steel I-beam cross members (positioned 12-inches on-center), and 4" longrails - provide strength where it's needed, and lighter weight overall.  Steel and aluminum sub-frame components also receive Mylar tape to mitigate corrosion that can compromise the strength and longevity of your body.

Refrigerated Cold Star rear frame
Refrigerated Cold Star rear frame

Temperature differences inside and outside of your refrigerated body make moisture a constant concern. That’s why Morgan protects your investment by using corrosion-resistant stainless steel in areas where air exchange is greatest – such as the rear frame header. Morgan also helps to protect your team with features such as a rain deflector at the rear, and strategically-positioned grab handles at both the curb and roadside. Options such as the Galvanealed rear-frame – are available if added strength is required.

Refrigerated Cold Star floor

Morgan's Refrigerated Truck bodies employ a poured-in-place polyurethane foam process that ensures consistent density and insulation across the entire floor.  Without seams or inconsistencies, opportunities for air and moisture to seep into the cargo area from below are virtually eliminated. Inside the cargo area, your choice of corrosion-resistant aluminum floor options makes it easy to manage water and condensate while providing the degree of traction you need for easy movement.

Refrigerated Cold Star bumper

Get better traction with improved ingress/egress using our 5" Structural Bumper with Pooched Surface and Closure Plate. From Morgan's standard, 5-inch structural bumper, to optional step, drop-step, intermediate step, and under-ride bumpers, to walk ramps and lifts at the rear OR side – you can be sure that easier, safer movement is built-in!

Refrigerated Cold Star door

Our top-quality Whiting TempGuard rear doors are designed and built to keep cold air in and warm air out.  Features such as full-perimeter thermal breaks help to mitigate passive heat transfer that can result in temperature fluctuations across the cargo area.  And seals are easily replaced to help ensure that same degree of protection year-after-year. A variety of hardware and additional options – such as strip curtains, safety releases, door hold-backs and panel protection plates are also available to make movement in and out of the cargo area easier, safer, and more efficient.

Refrigerated Cold Star roof

Morgan's standard roof uses a single piece of .032" mm crowned aluminum sheeting to minimize seams where water tends to infiltrate. The gentle bow is reinforced with anti-snag supports, positioned 24-inches on-center, to provide added strength without adding unnecessary weight; while also helping to prevent pooling of water and ice.

Refrigerated Cold Star exterior lighting
Refrigerated Cold Star interior lighting

Morgan’s standard lighting on all refrigerated units includes a dome-light with indicator-switch mounted in the cab, and exterior LED sealed clearance lights; all of which meet FMVSS-108 requirements. And Morgan’s commitment to satisfying YOUR unique needs, means you can spec virtually any lighting configuration – from quantity, type and style, to placement inside and out. The choice, as always, is YOURS!

Refrigerated Cold Star roof insulation

Regardless of the conditions OUTSIDE, Morgan's Refrigerated Bodies help maintain consistent temperature-control conditions INSIDE your cargo area by mitigating passive heat transfer. Four inches of urethane foam across the front and floor, and 3-inches at the sides and ceiling provide a significant barrier, regardless of whether you choose aluminum, Morganplate or FRP wall construction. And Morgan offers options for 4 and 5-inch insulation packages to help you overcome particularly challenging conditions.

Wall Construction

Aluminum, Morganplate or Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood wall construction ensures solid choices when it comes to the functional qualities you prefer – AND the image you want your "Reefer", box, straight-truck or van to present! It's easy to see how Morgan earned its reputation for innovative design, quality construction and superior customer service!  There's NoBODY Like Morgan!

Morgan Refrigerated aluminum wall construction

Aluminum Wall Construction

Affordability and lightweight are key considerations when it comes to selecting aluminum wall construction for your Refrigerated box, straight-truck or van body, because light weight adds up to reduced fuel consumption. This .040" corrosion-resistant aluminum skin also stands the test-of-time – for a better return on your investment!

Morgan Morganplate wall construction

Morganplate Wall Construction

Morganplate was designed and built with strength and versatility in mind.  This proprietary material is made of a high-density polyethylene core bonded between Two sheets of painted, high strength, 80ksi yield, and galvanized steel. Add to that, Morganplate's clean, uninterrupted surface that offers a perfect canvas for custom-graphics.

Morgan Fiberglass-Reinforced Plywood wall construction

Fiberglass-Reinforced Plywood (FRP) Wall Construction

Morgan's Fiberglass-Reinforced Plywood (FRP) walls consist of 1/2" plywood core, entirely encased in polyester resin reinforced with high-strength woven fiberglass; which means they deliver significant strength, and impact resistance; as well as resistance to minor scratches and dents that can mar the overall appearance of your body. The smooth exterior surface is also a great place to display custom-graphics and promote your business everywhere you go! Morgan even offers custom paint and decal installation to minimize downtime and put you on the road where you belong!

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