Platform/Dump MHP driving through an orange grove
Platform/Dump MHP loading at a lumber yard

The Heavy-Duty Stake & Platform Truck Body

Some projects require a body that is stronger and more durable. That's where Morgan's MHP Platform comes in! Designed to provide support for landscapers, contractors, maintenance crews and suppliers when something more substantial is required, the MHP's heavy duty steel undercarriage and bulkhead provide the strength you need to handle heavy loads; and the durability you need to handle them day after day.

With options such as your choice of bumpers, cargo-restraint systems, liftgates, toolboxes, and other features to promote ergonomically-friendly efficient transportation of even the most challenging loads, Morgan's MHP delivers!

Morgan has also designed in features such as structural outside rails for added platform strength, heavy-duty formed steel stake pockets, and steel rubrails welded over side stake-pockets.

Powder-coated or galvanized steel racks are available on the MHP and offer the strength and durability needed to secure materials and help protect against shifting loads. Service providers that don't require that degree of strength can benefit from the lighter weight and weather resistance of the MHP's composite racks.



Platform/Dump MHP bulkhead

Morgan's steel bulkhead design is available either 48" or 60" high and provides the strength and protection you expect. The window adds visibility to your cargo and can be standard- or full-width.

Platform/Dump MHP flooring

The MHP standard floor is the definition of heavy duty; 1 5/16" solid hardwood with 5/16" floor screws means it's built to work hard for you.

Platform/Dump MHP subframe

Our MHP understructure uses 6-inch longitudinals with 4-inch steel I-beam cross-members positioned 12-inches on-center, and full-mount U-bolts to deliver the strength and durability you need.

Platform/Dump MHP DOT underride bumper

Morgan's MHP includes a standard DOT-compliant underride bumper.

Platform/Dump MHP front LED lighting
Platform/Dump MHP side LED lighting

Bright LED FMVSS-compliant lighting supports visibility and safety on job-sites and on the road!

MHP Specifications

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Platform & Dump: MHP

When your work demands strength and durability, Morgan's MHP delivers!

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