Morgan Mini-Mover home grocery delivery
Morgan Mini-Mover with WALTCO FM1000 liftgate at home delivery
Morgan Mini-Mover home grocery delivery
Morgan Mini-Mover delivering to hotel
Morgan Mini-Mover at manufacturing plant

Morgan's Most Compact Truck Body

Morgan Mini-Mover cutaway parcel van body is Morgan's most compact delivery vehicle…and proof that good things do come in small packages! Designed specifically to address the challenges of urban delivery, the Mini-Mover uses innovative design and quality construction to offer advantages to haulers that don't have the luxury of extra time or space.



Morgan Mini-Mover front wall and corner cap
Morgan Mini-Mover FRP side wall construction

Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood (FRP) panels are 3/8" thick, and designed for improved durability with greater resistance to scratches and dents. It's capped off with unique front end radius corners designed for added strength.

Morgan Mini-Mover interior roof and lighting

Morgan's Mini-Mover roof naturally sheds water and mitigates infiltration with .032" one-piece aluminum sheeting with anti-snag bows. Bright LED FMVSS-compliant lighting supports greater visibility, and a dash-mounted indicator switch allows in-cab control of the cargo area dome light.

Morgan Mini-Mover standard marine grade wood flooring

Marine-grade 5/8" plywood flooring with a protective coating on the underside provides a durable, and open environment for maximum cargo space.

Morgan Mini-Mover strong undercarriage provides support
Morgan Mini-Mover strong undercarriage provides support

The Mini-Mover's understructure features steel strap longrails with 1 9/16" roll-formed steel cross members for added strength.

Morgan Mini-Mover lowered floor

Frequent movement in and out of the cargo area is made easier with Morgan's wheel box design and lowered-floor configuration. A lowered-floor means a lower step-up or step-down and less stress on delivery personnel. And the slip-resistant surface and strategically positioned grab handles facilitate easier and ergonomically-friendly access to the cargo area.

Morgan-Dry-Freight Parcel Van Mini-Mover pass-thru door to enter front cab
Morgan-Dry-Freight Parcel Van Mini-Mover front bulkhead without pass-through door

Parcel Van Mini-Mover offers your choice of a solid front bulkhead, OR optional pass-through door for quick and easy access from the cab.

Morgan Mini-Mover standard rear door

Morgan's Mini-Mover comes standard with an overhead roll up door.

Morgan Mini-Mover standard rear door
Morgan Mini-Mover standard rear step bumper

The Mini-Mover's galvanized steel rear frame provides strength and resistance to rust and corrosion. Protection is also built-in with recessed taillights that are less likely to be damaged during routine use.

Mini-Mover Specifications

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Parcel Van Walk-Through Cab to Back Open

Parcel Van Walk-Through


Easy Access + Increased Efficiency

Morgan’s PVW full-height bulkhead, and sliding cab-access door, provide easy movement in and out of the cargo area. The aerodynamic roof fairing design also reduces drag for better fuel efficiency. Ease and efficiency add up to a better bottom-line!

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Dry Freight: Mini-Mover

Morgan's smallest truck body is packed with features and options, that can add up to big returns for your business!

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