Public works employees using Platform/Dump Prostake to setup road signs for construction
A fleet of Platform/Dump ProStake trucks at a loading dock
A Platform/Dump ProStake at a horse ranch being used drop off feed and water for the horses

You Can Stake Your Business on Our Flatbed Truck Body!

Designed and built to exceed the needs of service providers – landscapers, contractors, maintenance crews, and suppliers – there's no doubt that Morgan's ProStake platform body will be the BEST tool for your trade. With stake bodies ranging from 9 to 26 feet in length, and widths of 96" to 102", your choice of flatbed or rack configurations, and a wide range of optional and industry-specific features designed to make your job easier and more efficient – Morgan has what you need to get the job done right!


Flatbed Truck Body Features

ProStake delivers everything you expect from the industry leader - versatility, durability and dependability in every standard feature, and every option. Whether you're in search of a 9-foot platform body with dump capability, or a 26-foot long flatbed that's perfect for managing skids - ProStake has what you need, and more! ProStake - the right body for your business!

Platform/Dump Prostake bulkhead
Platform/Dump Prostake bulkhead


ProStake's flatbed body includes a durable 48" bulkhead provides added protection for cab and crew, a punched-window for better visibility, and height options to suit your specific needs.

Platform/Dump Prostake undercarriage

Flatbed Body Understructure

Prostake's flatbed understructure features 3" I-beam frame construction for superior strength and durability. Cross members can be positioned on 12-or 16-inch centers to accommodate body length and application. Morgan's standard M-Guard undercoating provides an added layer of protection for your longrails and wheel pans. Or choose our optional M-Guard full-body undercoating for even greater protection against the elements across the entire subframe.

FMVSS compliant lighting

Lighting Options

ProStake standard LED flatbed clearance lighting is ID FMVSS-compliant. Molded harness and sealed plug-together connections improve reliability over time and under all weather conditions.

Platform/Dump Prostake flooring

Flooring Options

ProStake's standard solid hardwood floor offers rugged wear and greater impact absorption. The painted steel option delivers enhanced durability.

Platform/Dump Prostake rear bumper

Bumper Options

ProStake's standard underride bumper is located beneath the platform for a reduced profile, and features a pooched surface for improved traction. A variety of other bumper configurations are also available to satisfy specific needs.

Platform/Dump Prostake rub rails

Rub Rails

ProStake's standard, heavy-duty rub rail helps to protect the flatbed frame and side rail pockets from minor impacts. Deep pocket design provides solid rack seating; making it easy to secure your load during transport, and remove sections for loading and unloading.

Morgan ProStake stake body with wood racks and spring assist latches

ProStake Specifications

ProStake Media Center

Flatbed truck body sizes, features, and configurations matter when it comes to spec'ing the right body for your business.

Morgan's Stake & Platform Media Center provides detailed information, images, video, and interactive programs to help you make an informed, and confident decision.

ProStake 30 Second Highlight


Morgan Product Line-Up


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Click on any brochure below to learn more about the features that are available to help you choose the best flatbed body for your business!

Platform & Dump: ProStake

Rugged durability, innovative standard features, and a wide range of options, will make ProStake a valued tool-of-your-trade!

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Flatbed / Stake Truck Vocational Uses

Whether you need a 9-foot flatbed for farm use, a 26-foot material delivery truck, or a custom body to meet your unique needs, ProStake will quickly become one of the most important tools of your trade!

  • Municipalities
  • Landscape
  • Construction
  • Debris Removal
  • Contractors
  • Flatbed Delivery
  • Soil & Stone Delivery
  • Material Suppliers
  • & Many More

Platform Body Options

Innovative design and quality construction have made Morgan Stake & Platform bodies the best in the business. The ability to spec options that satisfy your unique needs, and make your job easier, will make ProStake the best platform body for your business.