The New Innovative Door/Ramp

October 1st, 2019 by Morgan Marketing


Morgantown, Pennsylvania USA — Morgan Truck Body, LLC, North America’s largest manufacturer of light- and medium-duty truck bodies, announces the launch of a larger version of its highly successful Proscape Van door/ramp.

The door/ramp combines the functionality of a rear door with the added benefit of a secondary, articulated section that essentially creates a long, wide walkramp. Designed for Morgan truck bodies that are 102” wide by either 103” or 109” inches high, the ramp boasts a length of just over 13 feet.

“Although the idea to create this larger version was initially targeted towards the Moving & Storage industry, it’s quite clear that anyone who wants to be able to get in and out of the rear of their truck easier will benefit. Most walkramps are no more than 36 inches wide making them awkward for two delivery people to carry large items up and down. With a usable ramp width of 84 inches, carrying items can now be done side-to-side, and four people can carry large items at the same time. This should certainly improve efficiency and ease of handling. And if each worker is carrying one item each, one can be walking down while another can be walking up the ramp. “This should save the team quite a bit of time” says Paul Jarossy, Morgan’s Director of Marketing & Business Development.

“Having the ability to open, close, and lock the door/ramp in 15 – 20 seconds by one person versus two people taking several minutes to carry a heavy, removable ramp to a storage container on the side of the truck is another great benefit” adds Jarossy.

The innovative ingress/egress solution is currently available from Morgan’s 13 North American manufacturing plants. To view the informative demonstration video, please click on the following link (, then scroll to the gallery section, click on the Video tab and scroll to find the “Door Ramp” video.