Great for Graphics

Morgan's Refrigerated Morganplate box trucks offer 10 to 28 foot bodies with exterior walls that are smooth…uninterrupted…and perfect for custom graphics.

Morganplate not only protects your product, it also extends the life your truck body, helps to keep maintenance costs low, and supports higher trade-in value – all of which protect your bottom-line!

Rivet Free Design

Innovative design and construction mean Morganplate Refrigerated bodies deliver the strength and integrity you need, without the use of rivets that can interfere with the clean, attractive, and professional appearance you work hard to present.

Environmentally Friendly

Morganplate was designed for a NEW generation of refrigerated product haulers; those who expect Morgan strength and durability, AND value the use of recyclable materials to reduce environmental impact.

Fully Insulated Floors, Walls and Ceiling

Regardless of the body length, height or width you specify, or the configurations you choose, Morganplate refrigerated bodies employ poured-in-place insulation at the floor, walls and ceiling to reduce passive heat transfer that can result in significant temperature differences throughout the cargo area. Front to back, top to bottom — Morganplate will keep frozen foods frozen and fresh foods fresh — longer!

Seamless Glassboard Interior Walls

Morganplate Refrigerated bodies employ seamless glassboard interior walls that deflect moisture and make clean-up easier and more efficient.

Thermal curtains and optional multiple-temperature configurations are also available to mitigate heat transfer and excessive condensation during loading and unloading.

Morgan's proprietary, high-density polyethylene material -- bonded between two sheets of pre-painted, high strength (80ksi yield) galvanized steel is impact resistant and provides an important barrier against heat transfer.

Morgan's Refrigerated bodies offer a variety of aluminum floor configurations to support your cargo needs…and personal preferences.

Perhaps the only thing more frustrating than having to service your refrigeration equipment is not being able to access it easily! Morgan's body-or-cab-mounted service platforms make it easier to maintain your refrigeration unit.

With Morgan, strength can also include flexibility! A variety of flooring options, and your choice of removable or permanent bulkheads, make it easy to customize your truck body to meet your unique needs – and preferences.

Products as shown may include optional equipment that is not part of the standard Morgan truck body configuration. Some product images may differ from current configurations and may not be available as depicted at the time of your order. Please contact your Morgan representative for available options and complete up-to-date specifications.

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