The Standard Refrigerated Truck Body

Our Refrigerated Aluminum Class 4 to 7 GVW refrigerated truck bodies are Morgan standards that just happen to include features that other manufacturers offer only on their custom bodies.Features such as your choice of body lengths — ranging from 10 to 28 feet, height and width specification options, door, bumper and lift-gate configurations, and your choice of flooring surfaces — make Morgan's standard Refrigerated Aluminum Body anything BUT standard!

Inside, Morgan supports the thermal integrity of the cargo area with features such as poured-in-place polyurethane foam in floors, walls and ceiling – for consistent foam density that helps to ensure your product is transported at the RIGHT temperature – regardless of its location!

Fully Insulated Floor, Walls and Ceiling

From ice and frozen foods to fresh produce and flowers, maintaining the right temperature for your product is critical. That's why Morgan Refrigerated Aluminum box truck bodies are not only fully insulated at the floor, walls and ceiling; but poured-in-place foam insulation means Morgan goes the extra mile to mitigate passive heat transfer and temperature shifts that can compromise the quality of your product.

Seamless Glassboard Interior Walls

The transport of temperature sensitive products brings with it challenges — including excessive moisture, and the occasional spill that can result in an unpleasant and unacceptable work environment. Morgan's Seamless Glassboard Interior Walls not only repel moisture, but they're easy to clean, and they're durable enough to withstand repeated washings without showing signs of wear and tear.

Seamless glassboard walls make the cargo area EASY to clean…Recessed E-tracks make cargo EASY to secure…And ergonomic features such as slip-resistant flooring, convenient folding steps and grab handles, and ample lighting -- make Morgan Refrigerated Bodies the EASY choice.

Morgan's Refrigerated bodies offer a variety of aluminum floor configurations to support your cargo needs…and personal preferences.

Perhaps the only thing more frustrating than having to service your refrigeration equipment is not being able to access it easily! Morgan's body-or-cab-mounted service platforms make it easier to maintain your refrigeration unit.

Exposure to moisture, dirt and road debris can undermine the integrity of any body…That's why Morgan designs protection into every sub-frame. Heavy-duty undercoating and kazoo drains help to keep moisture away from areas where it can cause corrosion; and wheel protectors help to deflect water and debris away from the sub-floor where it can cause pitting and wear.

Products as shown may include optional equipment that is not part of the standard Morgan truck body configuration. Some product images may differ from current configurations and may not be available as depicted at the time of your order. Please contact your Morgan representative for available options and complete up-to-date specifications.

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