Great for Graphics

Morganplate's smooth, uninterrupted surfaces are perfect for custom graphics; making THIS Morgan dry freight delivery vehicle a perfect advertising vehicle as well — 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week…everywhere you go!

Morgan's patented poly-tuff corners, rivet-free Morganplate walls, and external skins that fit into the bottom rail, provide a triple barrier against moisture. The same features give Morgan bodies a clean, unmarred appearance that supports lower maintenance, higher trade-in…and belies the fact that they're the toughest bodies on the road.

Rivet Free

Beyond the more obvious benefits of rivet-free construction, Morganplate conveys a clean, professional appearance that says a lot about you…without saying a word.

Environmentally Friendly

With a reputation for innovation, it makes sense that Morgan designed Morganplate for a NEW generation of dry freight haulers…those who expect Morgan strength and durability, but value the fact that Morganplate uses recyclable materials to reduce environmental impact.

Increased Cargo Space

Whether you choose a compact Class 4 GVW box truck measuring just 10 feet in length, or our Class 7 GVW body measuring a full 28 feet, Morganplate's design, construction and height and width options, maximize your cargo area — so you can maximize payload.

The rivetless strength and durability of Morganplate panels makes it possible to eliminate interior posts and maximize cargo space.

Morganplate's aesthetic quality, hides the fact that its structural composite construction -- consisting of two external skins thermally bonded to a high-density polyethylene core -- is extremely strong, durable, energy absorbent and impact resistant.

Features such as a reinforced front end, and innovative staggered, double-screw floor boards provide a clean, unobstructed cargo area, and help to reduce damage to your cargo…and the truck body itself.

Products as shown may include optional equipment that is not part of the standard Morgan truck body configuration. Some product images may differ from current configurations and may not be available as depicted at the time of your order. Please contact your Morgan representative for available options and complete up-to-date specifications.

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