Specialized for Moving Air Freight

Air Freight delivery is as unique as the cargo you carry. With over half a century of box truck design and construction experience, Morgan knows exactly what it takes to manage air freight, regardless of its size or configuration.

When no longer needed, rollers can be lowered into floor recesses to prevent further cargo movement, and support safe crew movement in the cargo area.

Freight Roller System Built into Floor

Morgan's freight roller system is built into the floor, and supports easy and efficient movement of even the largest and heaviest loads. Letting the ergonomically-engineered roller system do the work reduce the likelihood of physical strain, and creates a user-friendly work environment.

Tie-down, lighting and interior surface options make it easy to customize your body to accommodate unique cargo configurations, AND improve the efficiency and user-friendliness of the cargo area.

Conscientious design options – such as red line cargo stops, translucent roof, and easy access to tie-downs, support a user-friendly, more pleasant work environment.

Easy access to the pneumatic roller system control box and mounts, make adjustment and repair easy, and minimizes downtime.

Products as shown may include optional equipment that is not part of the standard Morgan truck body configuration. Some product images may differ from current configurations and may not be available as depicted at the time of your order. Please contact your Morgan representative for available options and complete up-to-date specifications.

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