Standard Parcel Van Body

Built on a van chassis with a maximum length of 16-feet, Morgan's standard Cut-A-Way aluminum parcel van is compact yet versatile; and easily configured to accommodate whatever you're carrying. Options include your choice of door placement and step configurations, cargo control options, interior and exterior lighting packages and features designed specifically to enhance ease, efficiency and safety.

Morgan's Parcel Van allows for quick and easy access from the cab, with an option for a recessed bulkhead that provides more room in the cab and easier positioning of the seat. Rear access is made easier with a full-width, slip-resistant step up and conveniently positioned grab handles on both the street and curb sides.

Aluminum Sheet and Post Design

Aluminum Sheet and Post design delivers sidewall strength and light weight that supports greater fuel efficiency. Corrosion-resistant aluminum also provides an excellent moisture barrier; while retaining a rust-free, professional appearance even after years of exposure to the elements.

Various Cargo Interior Options

In spite of its small size, Morgan's Aluminum Cut-A-Way van is BIG on options. A variety of cargo securement systems are available; in addition to optional lighting, translucent roof, flooring, walkramp and liftgate configurations — all of which support ease, efficiency and a safer work environment.

INSIDE – the Cut-A-Way Parcel Van can be customized with a variety of tie-down features – such as E-tracks, Solid Hardwood slats, and tie rings – to secure cargo and maximize payload.

OUTSIDE – there's little need for customization, because the Cut-A-Way Parcel Van delivers exactly what you need – clean, aluminum exterior walls are perfect for custom graphics; heavy-duty sub-frame construction fulfills your need for durability and reliability…And features, such as the built-in rain channel and light protectors -- enhance safety and minimize down time!

Products as shown may include optional equipment that is not part of the standard Morgan truck body configuration. Some product images may differ from current configurations and may not be available as depicted at the time of your order. Please contact your Morgan representative for available options and complete up-to-date specifications.

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