Refrigerated NexGen Parked by restaurant
Refrigerated NexGen loading at brewery
Refrigerated NexGen delivering to a restaurant

With the growth of E-commerce and home delivery services, it's more important than ever to have a truck that can handle the pressure of final-mile deliveries. Morgan's NexGen line of refrigerated truck bodies are built with the challenges YOU face - in mind. With a sleek design, lighter-weight body, leak-resistant joints and corrosion protection, you can be confident that your business is utilizing the best the industry has to offer!



Refrigerated NexGen front frame

NexGen’s 70 mm foam-core composite panels and aluminum scuff plate make this body strong AND impact resistant.

Inside - optional E-Tracks are available to secure cargo…while OUTSIDE, the same rivetless and seamless sidewalls offer the perfect uninterrupted canvas for your company graphics!

Refrigerated NexGen roof insulation

NexGen’s roof is made of 90 mm foam-core composite to mitigate heat transfer in and out of the cargo area.

Refrigerated NexGen insulated floor

Unwanted moisture is a perpetual challenge, but NexGen’s 100 mm foam-core composite panel floor insulation helps to prevent heat transfer, while four strategically positioned floor drains move water away from cargo. NexGen’s anti-skid floor surface also supports safer movement throughout the cargo area.

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Bright (FMVSS 108) LED lighting inside and out, helps to ensure you can see and be seen! A dash mounted indicator switch also provides convenient control of cargo area dome light(s).

Refrigerated NexGen rear frame

NexGen’s aluminum rear frame construction is corrosion-resistant, and includes a rugged built-in header for added strength. Conscientious features such as the clearance light protector, rain deflector and curb-side and roadside grab-handles, also create a safer work environment.

Refrigerated NexGen understructure

Transit: All aluminum — Low Cab Forward: Universal hybrid with aluminum crossmembers and galvanized long rails

Refrigerated NexGen rear bumper

NexGen’s aluminum step-bumper is corrosion-resistant…and it’s pooched-surface supports surer-footing, especially under wet or icy conditions.

NexGen Specifications

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Refrigerated: NexGen

Find out how NexGen’s temperature control features and innovative options can make your e-commerce, home and final mile deliveries easier and more profitable!

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  • Final Mile/Last Mile
  • Home Delivery
  • Catering
  • Flower delivery
  • Beverage delivery
  • Dairy delivery
  • Fruit Delivery
  • Ice Cream
  • Meat
  • Seafood delivery
  • & Many More