Longer-Lasting, Colder Temperatures

The innovative design of Morgan's Cold Plate system results in colder, more consistent temperatures throughout the cargo area. Decades of experience results in a Cold Plate system that can maintain those temperatures in an unopened compartment LONGER — EVEN in the unlikely event of total electrical system failure!

Cost-Effective, Electrically Driven

Traditional refrigeration systems draw power from a running engine to generate and maintain temperatures. But Morgan Cold Plate system is electrically-driven, making it a cost-effective, and more environmentally-friendly, alternative to expensive diesel-driven systems.

Aluminum Exterior

Morgan's standard Cold Plate Refrigerated box truck bodies include aluminum exterior walls that resist corrosion, and provide an excellent buffer against the elements.

Fully Insulated Floors, Walls and Ceiling

Morgan Cold Plate Refrigerated bodies not only cool more efficiently, but they maintain temperatures, by mitigating passive heat transfer that can cause significant temperature fluctuations across the cargo area. By using poured-in-place insulation to virtually eliminate gaps that can exist at the floor, walls and ceiling (especially near supports), Cold Plate refrigerated bodies minimizes air leaks that can compromise product quality.

Seamless Glassboard Interior Walls

Cold Plate Refrigerated bodies feature seamless glassboard interior walls that are easy to clean, and look great — even after heavy use and repeated washings.

Why Choose Morgan Cold Plate Over Conventional Refrigeration Systems?

Cold Plate works…efficiently.

Morgan's Cold Plate uses an electrically-driven, easy-to-access front mounted OR under-body mounted compressor to super-cool the plate system. Air is then circulated across the plates and throughout the cargo area using a series of simple fans. Simplicity translates to low maintenance requirements.

Cold Plate works…cost-effectively.

Morgan's Cold Plate System is electrically driven and operates at a fraction of the cost of conventional engine-driven systems that require a running engine,and consume costly diesel fuel just to maintain required temperatures.

Cold Plate works…dependably.

Even under disastrous conditions, such as total electrical system failure, Cold Plate holds enough reserve to maintain even the coldest temperatures for as long as 24 hours in an unopened compartment.

Cold Plate works…environmentally.

Electrical operation means Morgan's Cold Plate results in lower CO2 emissions, fewer particulate pollutants AND less noise pollution than engine-driven systems.

Cold Plate works…CONSISTENTLY.

Options such as Auto Defrost help maintain a more consistent cargo temperature by preventing frost build-up on the plates - reducing the need for manual maintenance.

Why Choose Cold Plate Over Conventional Refrigeration Systems?…Because Cold Plate WORKS

Morgan's sliding/swing rear door configuration requires a fraction of the swing radius of traditional doors, and makes loading and unloading easier – especially in tight spaces.

The Cold Plate compressor can be mounted under the body or over the cab, as with standard refrigeration units…But Morgan adds a level of convenience to each configuration by offering your choice of body or cab-mounted service platforms as well as a swing-out cradle for under-body mounted units.

Morgan Cold Plate features a Shore-Power connection and switch, hose connections for manual defrost and flexibility for roadside or curbside installations.

Morgan's patented poly-tuff corners, and external skins that fit into the bottom rail are durable, and help to keep moisture OUT; for better protection of your load -- and your investment.

Cold and moisture can make for slippery surfaces. That's why Morgan offers a variety of floor surface configurations to meet your needs…From flooring that helps to move moisture away from the surface, to surfaces that provide added traction, at Morgan – the choice is yours!

Products as shown may include optional equipment that is not part of the standard Morgan truck body configuration. Some product images may differ from current configurations and may not be available as depicted at the time of your order. Please contact your Morgan representative for available options and complete up-to-date specifications.

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