Job Title Department Location Posted
Production Associate Operations Rydal, GA 12/15/2015
Welder - All shifts available Manufacturing Morgantown, PA 12/16/2015
Systems Administrator IT Morgantown, PA 12/16/2015
Automotive Painter Operations Rydal, GA 12/16/2015
Plant Trainer Manufacturing Morgantown, PA 12/16/2015
HVAC Technician - All shifts available Manufacturing Morgantown, PA 12/16/2015
Warehouse Supervisor Materials Ehrenberg, AZ 12/16/2015
Production Associate Manufacturing Janesville, WI 12/16/2015
Production Supervisor 3rd shift Manufacturing Morgantown, PA 12/16/2015
Full Body Painter Paint Morgantown, PA 12/16/2015
Quality Engineer Quality Morgantown, PA 12/16/2015
Welder - Finish Manufacturing Lakeland, FL 12/16/2015
Material Handlers Manufacturing Janesville, WI 12/16/2015
Painter - 2nd Shift Fabrication Morgantown, PA 12/16/2015
Environmental Engineer EH&S Morgantown, PA 12/16/2015
CDL Driver with Class A endorsement Service Center Denver, CO 12/16/2015
Welder Finish Rydal, GA 12/16/2015
Mounter - all shifts available Custom Morgantown, PA 12/16/2015
Production Associate Dry Frt Lakeland, FL 12/16/2015
Painter Manufacturing Janesville, WI 12/16/2015
Finish Mechanic - all shifts available Finish Morgantown, PA 12/16/2015
Sr. Programmer Analyst IT Morgantown, PA 12/16/2015
Welder Manufacturing Janesville, WI 12/16/2015
Regional Human Resources Manager Human Resources Rydal, GA 12/16/2015
Service Technician Service Center Janesville, WI 12/16/2015
Production Associates - all shifts Manufacturing Morgantown, PA 12/16/2015
CLD Driver Traffic Janesville, WI 12/16/2015
Material Handler Materials Rydal, GA 12/18/2015
Material Handler Wharehouse Lakeland, FL 12/18/2015
Painter Manufacturing Lakeland, FL 12/18/2015
Quality Control QC 1 Quality Control QC 1 Rydal, GA 01/04/2016
Production Supervisor - 3rd Shift Manufacturing Corsicana, TX 01/10/2016
Welder Production Portland, OR 01/10/2016
Production Associates - multiple positions Manufacturing Portland, OR 01/12/2016
Material Handler Materials Portland, OR 01/12/2016
Regional Safety Engineer Environmental Health & Safety Riverside, CA 01/12/2016
Welder with 12-Volt Electrical experience Production Portland, OR 01/12/2016
Regional Human Resources Manager Human Resources Riverside, CA 01/12/2016
Materials Manager Materials Rydal, GA 01/12/2016
Lean Engineer Continuous Improvement Morgantown, PA 01/18/2016
Warranty / Risk Management Administrator Riski Management Morgantown, PA 01/18/2016
Technical Sales Representative Sales Brampton, ON 01/19/2016
Plant Manager Operations Portland, OR 01/19/2016
Regional Safety Engineer Environmental Health & Safety Rydal, GA 01/19/2016
Production Supervisor Specialist/Trainer Continuous Improvement Morgantown, PA 01/19/2016
Materials Manager Materials Denver, PA 01/19/2016
Manufacturing Engineer 3rd shift Operations Morgantown, PA 01/19/2016
Corporate Maintenance Manager Continuous Improvement Morgantown, PA 01/19/2016
Maintenance Tech Maintenance Rydal, GA 01/20/2016
Production Scheduler /Coordinator Materials Lakeland, FL 01/26/2016
Auto Body Decaler Manufacturing Corsicana, TX 01/27/2016
Welder Production Ehrenberg, AZ 02/01/2016
HVAC Technicians Manufacturing Corsicana, TX 02/01/2016
Production & Inventory Control Specialist Production & Inventory Control Morgantown, PA 02/01/2016
Welder Manufacturing Corsicana, TX 02/01/2016
Production Associate Manufacturing Corsicana, TX 02/01/2016
Painter 1 Paint Ehrenberg, AZ 02/01/2016
Production Scheduler Materials Morgantown, PA 02/01/2016
Material Handler Materials Ehrenberg, AZ 02/01/2016
Quality Control Technician - 2nd Shift Quality Control Corsicana, TX 02/01/2016
Maintenance Technician - 2nd shift Maintenance Corsicana, TX 02/01/2016
Technical Sales Representative Tech Sales Morgantown, PA 02/02/2016
Supply Chain Management Development Program Materials Morgantown, PA 02/02/2016
Material Handler Materials Corsicana, TX 02/03/2016
5 S Coordinator Manufacturing Morgantown, PA 02/05/2016
Senior Accountant Finance Morgantown, PA 02/05/2016
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